Disposable diagnostic and protective nitrile gloves 100 pcs.

Disposable diagnostic and protective nitrile gloves provide the highest level of safety for medical personnel and private users. They have the EN420 standard and have been approved for sale, among others in the European Union.

The technologies used during production guarantee very high flexibility and durability of the gloves against tearing and other mechanical damage. Long-term tests also confirmed the resistance to aging and loss of protective properties of the material.

The gloves are disposable and have a universal shape that fits both hands, ensuring good grip. The material used gives full comfort of use without stretching or irritating the skin. The product has hygienic approvals and legally required certificates.

Medical gloves are an example of personal protective equipment which, using safety rules, effectively protects the user and patient against the spread of infections or diseases, e.g. during procedures and medical examinations.

Gloves are available in sizes: S, M, L, XL

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Box 100 pcs.
Sice 240x125x63 mm

BOX 3000 pcs.
Size 490x340x405 mm

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