Disposable medical protective mask pkg. 50 pcs.

The high-quality disposable three-layer medical protective mask provides effective protection against germs and microbes transmitted by droplets (BFE 98%). Intended for medical and private use. Meets the requirements of EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 and directive 93/42/EEC.

The mask is equipped with elements with which it can be tightly adjusted to the nose, mouth and chin, ensuring perfect adhesion on the sides. Stiffening around the nose allows the mask to fit more closely to the face.

The mask is designed to be used for up to 4 hours. Working longer or reusing the mask can lead to the growth of bacteria.

The mask is made of three protective layers:

  1. Outer – made of non-woven propylene
  2. Filtering (melt blown) – made of polypropylene
  3. Inner – made of propylene non-woven fabric

Universal shape and size 175 x 95 mm
BFE filtration efficiency of 98%.

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